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2001 Baker's Dozen + 1

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"3 Sisters" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Sunbird" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Brave New Private" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Island Drive" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Urban" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Blue" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Fence Mask" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Karma Wheel" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Hole Shebang" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Student Exhibitions" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Postcards from the Edge" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Freedom Tracks" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"How to get there" Oliver Loveday � 2001
"Rebuilding Berlin" Oliver Loveday � 2001
3 Sisters Sunbird Brave New Private Island Drive Urban Blue Fence Mask Karma Wheel Hole Shebang Student Exhibitions Postcards Freedom Tracks How to get there Rebuilding Berlin
$500 (US)
The Baker's Dozen 2001 features 69 artist who sent 13 works of 8 x 10 inches to Dale Copeland of New Zealand. These were sorted and 12 different pieces of other artists' works were sent back to the artist, with the extra piece being displayed in a gallery in New Zealand and on the Baker's Dozen site, before being sent to the The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction, where they become part of the permanent collection.
I made an extra piece during my creative surge and have it at the end of the display. It is available for purchase. It is unframed.
Prices do not include shipping, or handling. Sales taxes added to sales in Tennessee. Prices subject to change without notice.

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