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What's New at Loveday Studio

Check this web page for updates of what has been added to the Loveday Studio web site.

June 23, 2021: A new page has been added for the latest book, Sky Bones, which is self-published print-on-demand for $29.95 + the other stuff. Click the cover photograph to go to the page.

Sky Bones

June 23, 2021: New artwork has been added to the Watercolor #2 page. Click the photograph below to go to the page.

June 23, 2021: New Sumi-e ink paintings are up on the Sumi-e ink page. Click the photograph below to go to the page.


October 11, 2019: A new painting has been added to the acrylic page. "Cellular Drift"

"Cellular Drift" Oliver Loveday  2019

June 26, 2016: Prices have been updated on the first 36 works in the "Fluid Scrape 01" page from $250.00 to $500.00. As I worked on this series I realized that I was spending a lot of time on each piece, they are really good, and worth more than $250.00 Those that buy art don't quibble about prices and the opinion of those that don't buy art doesn't matter. Love.

January 21, 2013: Added a new page of Sumi-e Ink Paintings.

Sumi Ink Painting



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