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Brook Sounds



Brook Sounds, January 15, 2011

Returning to the brook, which is called "Turkey Creek", sitting on the natural seat of the tree roots, I look over the water to the trees along the other side. An old abandoned house sits a little to the left. The brook chortles along with syntactic syncopation, impacting the winter air with staccato bursts of rippling rhythms. Waves of mist rises up from the froth like some alchemical eruption. The hand chases the patterns of sound across the paper while dodging snow descending from the tree branches above. A watery melting landscape thickens the view as I risk extra marks in an effort to show the dynamic sonic atmosphere before me. The ripples of sound are invisible in the air, but not in the hand.

Oliver Loveday 052411:3:30pm EDT

"Brook Sounds"
5 x 3.5 inches | 12.7 x 8.9 cm
Strathmore 50 lb | 74 g/m
January 15, 2010

On April 26, 2016, I began the task of doing a series of watercolor paintings based upon the sketches from the "Tunnel Vision Tapes". The process involved using charcoal to sketch out the lines from the pencil sketch. The goal is to get as close as I can to those original lines within a few minutes. Then I would go over the charcoal with an eraser to smudge and push the charcoal into the watercolor paper. After documenting the charcoal, I would take the painting outdoors and work on it with watercolor paint. The next day I would do a second session with each painting. Using the "dry brush" technique on the previous session would increase the luster, richness of the colors already down, and add more color to areas as needed. While the original sketches are not for sale, these works are available by credit card via PayPal. To see detail photographs of the paintings, click the photograph to go to the watercolor page it is presented on.


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