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Poetry by Oliver Loveday

Breaking Away From Nothing

Greatness doesn't break
Greatness doesn't even blink

Salutations to the broken corners of repentant relief
Disintegrated into local confines of earth
The fires of karma burning up the fodder
The smoke of past transgressions burning the eyes

Cranial fires burning in the back spaces of memory
Even the whiteness of dust from the wings of angels
Dripping from silence like a ghost we once knew
The sparks flash across the internal skies of the Universe

We have come this far only to surrender
The materia and animus of driven beasts
Overwhelmed and exhausted in our forced retreat
While electricity howls in the fibers of the Easter Lily

Whiteness begets whiteness in evaporated presence
Echoes of appeals once voiced to White Feather
The mythical illusion of all Mothers of all Buddha's
And I was singing “Let My People Go” to she who betrayed me

As the wind cuts through the tattered garment and skin
We can only stand where the ground is firm
We can only fly where the air is thick enough to hold up wings
We are soaring through the earth in resplendent freedom

The tedious striving where less than greatness has faded
We didn't gain status by cheating or bribing our way here
The jealous and slothful attempt to starve us into submission
We fast in humble progress while breaking away from nothing

Oliver Loveday © March 22, 2016, 7:45pm EDT


I started writing poetry when I was 15 years old. That was forty years ago. Poetry doesn't generate a lot of income in this world today. Not here in America. Most poets who get published and make money from their writings do so by becoming professors in a college or university. I chose to go out where the muse felt most at peace and listened. She gave me many poems, ideas for art, and songs to sing to the universe. A few weeks ago my 15 year old daughter told me I was a reckless person. She is right. I recklessly post these poems on-line without any hope of generating funds or being honored in any way for writing these poems. Reckless me, I know these poems will take on a life of their own in the psyche of each person who reads them. What goes 'round comes 'round. I'll get my loaf of bread and bowl of stew in time. You can copy these to your word processor and print them out to read in any font you choose. I don't care. I just reserve the copyright on each poem. None of these poems should reappear on a web site or in print without my written permission. Each poem ends with the date and time it was written. All poems were written while at home unless otherwise noted. While I'm writing this note I'm thinking about a song Peter LaFarge wrote called "Indian Drums". He recorded it in 1962 before dying of brain cancer. Johnny Cash released it on "Bitter Tears" and others have recorded it since then. It's the sound track to my poems. Enjoy!

Oliver Loveday

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