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"Watercolor Paintings" Galleries

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2016 Large Watercolor Painting Page #1


Watercolor Paintings (on cold press) #2



Fluid Scrape


Watercolor Gallery #1


Watercolor Gallery #2


Small Watercolor Paintings:
2004 Portfolio


Small Watercolor Paintings:
A Retrospective



Works on Rice Paper

Some of the works in the "Ink" gallery include works on rice paper, but the paintings presented in this gallery are watercolor and mixed media works. I started working with rice paper in printmaking, specifically wood block prints, but after looking at Japanese and Chinese paintings on rice paper, I expanded my usage of rice paper. It has it's own qualities as a surface that I continually push and explore in my work. The Sumi Ink Painting Gallery follows the more traditional method of grinding an ink cake against an ink stone in order to make the ink. Some of the work includes gold ink as well.

Watercolor paintings on rice paper #1
A collection of paintings - 2013

Sumi Ink Painting
Works from 2013-2013

Works on Rice Paper
Mixed Media works on Rice Paper 1986-1998


More works on paper can be viewed through the "Paper" gallery.

Work sheets are studio journals of work produced each month or document the progress of a particular work.

Studio work sheet for September 2012 (pdf 4.4mb)

Studio work sheet for October 2012 Part 1 (pdf 3.5mb)

Studio work sheet for October 2012 Part 2 (pdf 3.8mb)

Studio work sheet for November 2012 (pdf 2.5mb)

Studio Work Sheet for December 2012 (PDF 6.4mb)

A work sheet for "4 Ancestors" (PDF 1.3mb)

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