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Audio/Video Works by Oliver Loveday

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All work is Oliver Loveday. All rights reserved.


I have audio soundings on three different web sites. Click the links below to go to these sites. These will open in a new window.

Sound Cloud




A new harmonica solo piece has been uploaded to my ReverbNation site. Click the title to listen and download: "The Over-rated Virtues of Space"


Further Truths: Further Truths is a recent work from the studio (as of July 24, 2009). It is a spontaneous bit of spoken text in the continued theme of theater and Artaud Le Momo, the mad French poet upon whom the Living Theater was based. I wrote a series of poems on this theme in the 1980's. It is fun to revive the topic. The harmonica is from a series of recordings I did in 2004 called "nicotine blues" while some of the metal work is from 3 years ago. I added some chant and metal work from two days ago to finish it out.

Click here to play Further Truths

Songs from the Wood: Songs from the Wood was a CD I produced in 2004 using a variety of Native American flutes with some chant included on some of the tracks. I left the tracks unaltered in order to capture the way they would have sounded live. A few copies of the CD were distributed that year. Later the "house burned down" in a manner of speaking and all the audio files that were archived were put into storage and haven't been retrieved, but one track was used on a video. I was able to lift that audio from the video file and save it. It is presented here as one of the tracks from that CD. Crow Talks was played on a traditional Cherokee flute, which is made from bamboo (or what we call river cane in Tennessee), which gives it a different sound from the fipple instrument commonly called the Native American flute. The Cherokee flute provides the player with the spontaneous improvisational experience of playing the flute in the moment. Conditions regarding humidity, space, physical, spiritual and emotional situation affects the music in each playing, so there is a sense of exploring and searching for that right expression during each time one plays a Cherokee flute. It isn't like Western music where one tries to repeat the same melody or song note for note each time. What I really like about Crow Talks is how the track is nearing the end and suddenly a crow nearby starts talking, as if in response to the playing. Crow really does talk in the song. The link below will open a new browser window on my ReverbNation page. Enjoy.

Crow Talks


January 29, 2012: A new video, Transmutant Cloud Dreams has been uploaded to You Tube. A "work sheet" of the video, which is a slideshow of the art work, with an original soundtrack, can be viewed in PDF format. Download

Studio 1725 Channel on You Tube

Turkey Creek, Morristown, Tennessee

"Listen to these Waters" was inspired by the experience of sitting by Turkey Creek at Wildwood Park in Morristown, Tennessee, for a period of time from September, 2009, until August, 2010. During the coldest winter months I had purchased a small sketchbook for $3.00, which was all I could afford at the time, and two drawing pencils. From January through February 2010 I filled up that sketchbook, many of them done while sitting by Turkey Creek. One can view those sketches in four pages of 25 drawings each starting with Tunnel Vision Gallery #1. In September 2011 I shot video on site at Turkey Creek and started working to edit and produce a video from this. I started out with a poem that didn't work, so after struggling with the direction I wanted to go in, I wrote another poem and invited a number of people to read the poem so I could mix it all up into the audio for this production. Two people responded and it turned into a very exciting effort. There are a few other videos up on You Tube already. If you do a search for studio1725 (my screen name on You Tube) you should be able to find them there. Enjoy.


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"Listen to These Waters"


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