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Oliver Loveday's Resume

Oliver Loveday

1725 Pine Cone Drive

Morristown TN USA


Date Of Birth: April 10, 1953, Knoxville, Tennessee


Rogersville State Area Vocational-Technical School, Rogersville, TN. Received welder certification: May, 1981

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1976.

Seymour High School, Seymour, TN. 1971



Honorable Mention: The Thunder Beings, Dulin Gallery of Art, Knoxville TN. Sept 1983


The Knoxville Arts Council Outreach Grant for the production of

Julie Warren Martin: Sculptor, produced as part of the

Creative Process documentary series on Channel 20 CTV,

Knoxville, TN Oct 1987



Armistead and Co. Inc. Nashville, TN

Third National Bank, Nashville, TN

Honorable Judge William Groff, Peterborough, NH

Other private and public collections

Published works:

Audio recordings:

Video Works:

The Creative Process was a series of documentaries produced in the artist's studio and gallery or performance space. All works were done on 3/4" U-Matic of 30 min duration produced at

Channel 20 CTV, Knoxville, TN. Oliver Loveday created the program and was Producer/Director/Editor on most programs.

Jennifer Dyer: Basket Maker, Oct 1990

On the Edge: Experimental Theater, May 1989

Chen Bo Jin: Chinese Painter, April 1989

Joyce Rosenfeld: Artist, July 1988

Oliver Loveday: Artist, June 1988

Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes: Rock Music, Dec 1987

Julie Warren Martin: Sculptor, Sept 1987

Raw Vision: Experimental Video, Aug 1987

Cindy Robertson/City Dancers: Dance/Choreography, June 1987

Pete Rose: Raku Pottery, May 1987

William Rawson: Painter, April 1987

Steve Wyatt: Poet, March 1987

Tom Moore: Painter, Feb 1987

Margret Eichler: Singer/Songwriter, Jan 1987


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