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"Works on Paper" Galleries

A selection of works on paper of various media is presented in galleries for you enjoyment and should the original still be available for purchase, the opportunity to deepen your enjoyment with the actual work is presented.
Click on one of the images below to enter a water color gallery.

The Water Color Galleries

The watercolor galleries features some of the best art work on paper by Oliver Loveday.


Works on Rice Paper

Some of the works in the "Ink" gallery include works on rice paper, but the paintings presented in this gallery are watercolor and mixed media works. I started working with rice paper in printmaking, specifically wood block prints, but after looking at Japanese and Chinese paintings on rice paper, I expanded my usage of rice paper. It has it's own qualities as a surface that I continually push and explore in my work. The Sumi Ink Painting Gallery follows the more traditional method of grinding an ink cake against an ink stone in order to make the ink. Some of the work includes gold ink as well.

Watercolor paintings on rice paper #1
A collection of paintings - 2013

Sumi Ink Painting
Works from 2013-2013

Works on Rice Paper
Mixed Media works on Rice Paper 1986-7998


The "Ink" Gallery

While studying art I became interested in the "controlled accident" that occurs with Japanese raku pottery and the philosophy behind it. This translated into using this approach in other media as well, which isn't exactly the same approach to the technique of throwing paint around that occurs in Abstract Expressionism. Since similar methods of working tend to get lumped into the same "school of thought" it is important to make the distinction with my art. I recently completed a series of works on paper that aren't really drawings but aren't quite paintings, so I'm presenting them in their own gallery I refer to as "Ink". Enjoy.

Ink #1 Gallery

Ink #2 Gallery

Ink #3 Gallery

Ink #4 Gallery



"I always like the smell of crayons." I've made that statement in various social situations. I don't set out to intentionally break the rules that are presented to me. Sometimes the rules just get in the way of my work. While I was studying art at the University, pastels weren't included in any classes as a medium. So I bought a damaged box of pastels at a big discount, barely within my student budget, and set about learning what I could do with them. There is something special about the feel of a pencil, ink pen, conté crayon, or pastel rubbing against paper. I've developed a love affair of sorts with paper and drawing, erasing, smudging, marking some more, and so forth. That's it. Enjoy!


Sketchbook 2011-Part 1

Clipper Sketchbook


"The Tunnel Vision Tapes"

These drawings are from a 3.5 x 5 inch sketch book completed from January 9, 2010 through February 16, 2010. It said "100 sheets of paper" on the cover, but there were actually 99 sheets, in case anyone is counting. The sketchbook was filled up with drawings during a period of time when other events inter-related with these drawings were taking place. A poem that was written during that time, The Light at the End of the Tunnel, became the namesake of sorts for the sketchbook. (That poem can be found in the 2010 Poetry collection.) The drawings are broken up into four galleries and the photograph is very low quality at this point in time. A collection of anecdotes has been written about each drawing with plans to publish the collection of drawings and writings in a book at some point in the future. So for the moment, you can browse the collection and request better digital prints directly if interested.

The Tunnel Vision Tapes
Gallery 1

The Tunnel Vision Tapes
Gallery 2

The Tunnel Vision Tapes
Gallery 3

The Tunnel Vision Tapes
Gallery 4



I always loved that feeling of cutting paper with scissors. Finding out that this was part of a process for making art was a very exciting discovery for me as an art student. Over the years I've gone through many different approaches to this medium and I don't think I'll ever exhaust the possibilities.

Collage Gallery

Baker's Dozen 2001

Baker's Dozen 2004


Scroll Paintings

Scroll Paintings


Work sheets are studio journals of work produced each month or document the progress of a particular work.

Studio work sheet for September 2012 (pdf 4.4mb)

Studio work sheet for October 2012 Part 1 (pdf 3.5mb)

Studio work sheet for October 2012 Part 2 (pdf 3.8mb)

Studio work sheet for November 2012 (pdf 2.5mb)

Studio Work Sheet for December 2012 (PDF 6.4mb)

A work sheet for "4 Ancestors" (PDF 1.3mb)


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